Vendor General Information

All vendors must comply with all city, state and federal laws, rules, regulations, as well as all other rules and regulations pertaining to First Monday.

2015 Schedule for Renting and Renewing Lots
Month Market Dates Lot Renewal Super Tuesday Payment Deadline
Jan Jan 1-4 Dec 5 Dec 9 Dec 26
Feb Jan 29- Feb 1 Feb 6 Feb 10 Feb 20
Mar Feb 26- Mar 1 Mar 6 Mar 10 Mar 27
Apr April 2-5 Apr 10 Apr 14 Apr 24
May Apr 20- May 3 May 8 May 12 May 22
June May 28- May 31 June 5 June 9 June 26
July July 2-5 July 10 July 14 July 24
Aug July 30- Aug 2 Aug 7 Aug 11 Aug 28
Sept Sept 3-6 Sept 11 Sept 15 Sept 15
Oct Oct 1-4 Oct 9 Oct 13 Oct 23
Nov Oct 29- Nov 1 Nov 6 Nov 10 Nov 20
Dec Dec 3-6 Dec11 Dec 15 Dec 25


Merchandise, Sales and Solicitations

  • Vendors are required to have a Texas sales tax permit (no fee).  Call Texas Comptroller at 800-252-5555 or go to
  • The vendor is solely responsible for his/her merchandise, property and business transactions.  Merchandise left unattended is done so entirely at the owner's risk.
  • Management reserves the right to restrict the sale, display or distribution of any printed materials, photographs, books, paraphernalia or other representations in order to maintain a proper moral, wholesome environment.
  • Lots may not be used for games of skill, lotteries, raffles, palm readings, auctions or for any purpose which is carnival-related.
  • The sale or exhibit of animals is prohibited.
  • No explosive devices or devices with offensive odors, i.e. stink bombs, smoke bombs, snaps, etc.
  • Canned drinks, bottled water and snack foods may only be sold by food concessions.
  • No one shall bring upon or distribute on the grounds any handbills or political, religious or solicitant matter.
  • Advertisements may be posted at designated locations only.

Food Concessions

  • The sale of any food item requires management consent.
  • Food concessions are allowed on designated lots only.
  • All food items for immediate consumption (including bottled water and canned drinks) may only be sold from a food concession lot.
  • All food concession stands must meet the State of Texas Health Department standards.
  • A food service permit from the Canton Health Department is required for each stand and for vendors sampling food.  All stands are subject to periodic inspections by the Canton Health Department.
  • A food concession lot is not required for fresh produce or pre-packaged foods sold in bulk.  Pre-packaged foods must be prepared in a licensed kitchen.


  • Accepted forms of payment are: personal checks (proper ID required), cash, cashiers check, money order or credit card.
  • Payments may be mailed to:  First Monday, P O Box 665, Canton, TX 75103.
  • The office with not cash checks or accept two-party checks.
  • There is a $30 charge on all returned checks.
  • There will be no payment refunds, credits or transfers.


  • First Monday lot receipts and tags are issued for the sole purpose of admitting said vendor only on the grounds.  Identification may be periodically requested (NOT A SHOPPING PASS).
  • Vendors receive one Vendor Pass per open air lot (maximum two per location) for each show.  The pass must be visible at all times in any vehicle entering or parked on appropriate lots.
  • Upon request, vendors selling large or heavy merchandise will receive Gate Pass Requests.  Vendors are responsible for completing these requests and issuing them to their customers.  Customers must present the request at the gate.  If completed correctly, the gate attendant will give the customer a Gate Pass which is for thirty minutes maximum.
  • Customers may drive directly to the vendor's booth, pick up their merchandise, and exit through the same gate to turn in their passes.
  • Vendors leasing from a building owner other than the City of Canton must rent parking -- one vehicle and pass per parking space.


  • Management designates selling areas (lots) and each vendor shall conduct business only within the confines of his/her lot(s) and during designated show dates.
  • Vendors may bring tables, canopies and displays, or they may rent from table and tent vendors on the grounds.
  • No permanent structure or construction is allowed without the prior consent of management.
  • Hay is a fire hazard and may not be used as ground cover.

Traffic & Parking

  • Vehicles parked on a lot not assigned to the individual will be towed and/or ticketed at the owner's expense (Parking ticket $87.00)
  • Merchandise is to be displayed across the front of all rented lots.  Parking is permitted on the back of each lot behind displayed merchandise or on lots specifically designated by management for parking.  Free dealer parking with a vendor pass is available west of the Log Cabin.
  • There is a 5 mph speed limit throughout the park.
  • Vendor passes are required (visibly posted) in every vehicle in the park.
  • Only city-owned and operated golf carts are allowed.
  • Only motorized scooters manufactured specifically for the handicapped and of the type approved by management are allowed.  Must be 18 years of age with a valid drivers license or have proof of handicap to operate a handicap scooter. Only one person per scooter allowed.
  • Scooters cannot be modified to be used by multiple passengers.
  • No golf carts, ATV's, motorcycles, bicycles, roller blades, skates, skateboards, scooters, or other motorized vehicles or wheeled devices are allowed on the grounds.
  • No trailers are allowed on the grounds on Tuesday night.

Subleasing, Selling Lots, Lot Transfers

  • The sale, assignment, sublease or offer to sell, assign or sublease lots is prohibited.
  • Identification and receipts will be checked periodically.
  • Lots may not be transferred without management consent.
  • Personal addresses may be changed with proper ID.
  • Name of vendor must match the Tax ID number on file.
  • Management reserves the right to relocate a vendor.


  • All vendors are responsible for their own trash and keeping their area clean.
  • Cardboard should be taken to the recycle trailers located at the Hill Parking area, the Log Cabin and the Blue Restroom.


  • Photographing merchandise is prohibited without owner'scosnent.
  • No concealed weapons, drugs, alcohol, loud music, amplifiers, hawkings, vulgar language are allowed on the grounds. A permit is required for after hour events. Apply at Log Cabin.
  • Only domesticated animals are allowed and must be on a leash and attended at all times. They are not allowed in the Civic Center or eating eareas. Owners are fully responsible for their pet's actions and must clean up after their pets. The City shall in my way be held responsible for the actions of any pet brought onto the grounds.
  • In accordance with State law, wastewater of any type may not be discharged into, or flow into, a public place, gutter, street, creek, etc.
  • Offices page for small lost children and medical emergencies only.


The City of Canton reserves the right to refuse admission to any vendor(s) or refuse to rent/renew rental of lot(s) at its sole discretion. The City of Canton reserves the right to amend or change the policies and procedures without prior written notice.