Senior Citizens Building


The Senior Citizens Building is located at 200 W. Groves Street near downtown.  It is available for rent on an hourly basis.  There is a $100 deposit due in advance.  Building rent is $20.00 per hour.  To rent the Senior Citizens Building, please contact Vickie Hall in person at the First Monday Log Cabin office at 800 First Monday Lane (west side of First Monday grounds) or by phone at (903) 567-6556.  (Because of the large amount of traffic on the grounds during First Monday, it is best if you do not come during that time.)   For a copy of the application, please click here.

The Center is used each weekday by the Senior Citizens of Canton in connection with the Trinity Valley Nutrition Program.  In order to meet standards of the Program, the building must be clean and sanitary for food service to our seniors.  As you can see, this is the main function of the Senior Citizens Building.

The City of Canton leases the building for private use and wants each function to be an enjoyable one for all concerned.  The following simple guideliness will help us all remember:

  1. Tables, chairs, front desk, piano (anything moved) should be placed where found and wiped clean.
  2. The building is to be left clean.
    • Sweep front stoop and shake throw rugs.
    • Remove all trash and garbage from building and place in receptacle at the back of the building.
    • Garbage cans are to be lined with plastic – garbage is never put in unlined cans.
    • Garbage disposals in kitchen are to be flushed of all waste.
    • Bathrooms are to be left clean and tidy.
    • All floors are to be swept and spills mopped up. Brooms and mops are in the kitchen closet. Please leave clean.
  3. Each lessee is to provide his own towels, plastic containers, garbage bags, paper plates, eating utensils, cups and any other equipment needed for each activity.
  4. Regular users have a particular place for items left in the building. Please keep these items labeled and in that order. Please remove all perishable foods from the building after each activity.